Wilbur's Collar and Tag

Hey huskies and Tia, lots of you have been posting about your collars and tags, so I thought I would too. (Plus Tia asked me a specific question about it, so this is my answer to her.)

I wear an orange collar that has the black letters "OSU" around it. It stands for "Oklahoma State University", where my mom went to school. Tia asked me where I got it. My mom found it at a store in the town where the college is located.

I also wear a name tag. Don't laugh at me, but it's a pink heart. I didn't pick it, my mom did, and I'm not sure I will ever forgive her for making me wear pink every day. I'm a boy!! She said that pink is really stylish for men these days, so remember that when you're laughing at me. My tag has my name and a phone number that people can call if they find me. I'm an inside cat, but I try to get out of the house every chance I get, so at least once a day Mom or Dad is chasing me around outside. Mom wants to make sure if they can't catch me that other people know how to get me home.Well, that's my daily apparel. The furry beasts will post about their collars tomorrow or Friday.


Our Collars

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