Kat - Song Writer

Sometimes Mom and Dad put me in my kennel during the day on the weekends. That makes me really mad because weekends are supposed to be the time they do nothing but what I want to do. I think when they say they are going to get groceries, they are actually doing other things that are fun, but they are doing them without me. Sometimes they leave the radio on for us to listen to while they are gone. On the radio, I heard this song by Carrie Underwood called "Before He Cheats". I thought it was a catchy tune, so I wrote my own song from inside my kennel about what I think Mom and Dad are doing and what I want to be doing in return. It's sung to the same music as the Carrie Underwood song.


Before They Leave
By Katherine Olivia "Kat"
Right now they’re probably at the movies
eating popcorn and not thinking of me.
Right now they’re probably shopping at Best Buy,
Instead of buying me treats at the really cool PetsMart.
Right now, they’re probably thinking how much I must love resting in my kennel,
but they don't know...

I stuck my paw out through the bars of that crappy little kennel they left me in,
opened the latch and began to show my thanks...
I jumped on their bed and relieved myself,
Chased the cat all around the house...
maybe next time they'll think before they leave.

Right now, they're probably in the drive-thru,
ordering a combo at that Chick-Fil-A place,
Right now, they’re probably thinking "Bike ride"
But never mind, because they’re too tired and lazy,
Right now, they could have taken me to day camp
Instead of leaving me at home to go crazy..
And they don't know...

I dug my paws into the dirt of their pretty little well-kept green backyard,
carved my name into their leather couch...
I left big, stinky piles throughout the house,
chewed holes in all their shoes...
maybe next time they'll think before they leave.

I might've saved a little trouble for the next pup,
cause the next time that they leave...
Oh you know they won’t forget me!
No, no... Not me...

I stuffed my face into the trash hidden in pantry because of me,
Spread it all over the living room...
I dumped the dog food all over the floor,
then clawed up the door...
maybe next time they'll think before they leave.
Woo... Maybe next time they'll think... to take me please...

woooo... take me please...

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