My babies

Several of you have commented about the huskies lying on the floor in the video of me playing with the yellow ball. Well, those are my babies. Right after we came to live here, Mom went to Target and, of course, she went down the dog aisle. She saw those stuffed huskies and they were on clearance. (Why would two such beautiful stuffed huskies be on clearance? I have no idea.) So she decided to buy one for each of us. The huskies sleep in our crates with us so we have a pillow or something to cuddle with. Every morning, I go into my crate and get my husky out and take it to the living room. Then I go into Steve's crate and get his husky and take it to the living room too. (Steve doesn't take as good of care of his husky.) I like for the huskies to be in the same room as me and I understand that they don't want to spend their days in the crates. I don't really play with the huskies, but I just relocate them to different places in the house throughout the day. Maybe it's my mothering instinct, but I just want them to feel like part of the pack.


I'm a wild girl!

My ball, my friend