Happy Monday!

Hey puppies! I hope everyone had a good weekend. We sure did. We went to the park a few times, so that was good. On Friday, there was another husky there and she really liked us. Her mom said that she is usually protective of her dad and mom, but the other husky let me sit on her mom's feet and she didn't do anything. I bet she knew that I was a fellow husky so it was all good.

Another good thing about this weekend-- no bath! Usually Steve and I get a bath on Friday night. But since it was the beginning of the month and we had been de-crittered, we got a free pass! We always get those yummy things to eat to prevent creepy-crawlies in our insides at the beginning of the month and that other stuff that Mom and Dad hold us down and part our fur to squirt on us to prevent critters on our outsides. So because they had just put that stuff on our skin, we didn't get a bath. I don't like being held down so they can put that stuff on the back of my neck, but if it gets me out of a bath, maybe it isn't so bad. To celebrate, I dug a hole, just to see if they would go back on their "No Bath" policy for this weekend. They didn't. I just got a wet rag to my feet which is not nearly as bad as a bath.

We are going to training tonight and we have been practicing. Last time the trainer threw treats in front of us and expected us not to try to get them. I did pretty good, but it was VERY hard for Steve. I wonder what kind of tricks the trainer has up his sleeve for us this time. At least I know now that after the lesson we get to eat all of the treats that had been tempting us during the lesson!


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