Mom needs some advice

Hi puppies! This will be my last post before Steve comes home. Hurray!

So my mom is all confused about this whole separation thing. After Steve threw a fit at the vet and the vet said she was going to sedate him if Mom and Dad didn't come get him, they did some research on the internet about how to help us with separation. They found this article (and several like it). These articles seemed to contradict the things they read about huskies doing better when there was more than one in a home. Since they don't want us to grow up with serious developmental issues, they are trying to do the right thing. So what do all of the huskies think? Are huskies just special (of course!) and those rules of "littermate syndrome" just not apply to us? Do you think we will have developmental issues if we aren't given some separation? Help!

Thanks huskies!

The best day EVER!