Another Good Day

Yesterday Mommy's dad, grandma and grandpa stopped by for a short visit. Mom's dad thought Steve had gotten huge since he saw him just a few weeks ago. We didn't act very well behaved and actually tried to get on the couch with Mom's grandma to give her kisses. Luckily, to bribe us into good behavior, Mom gave us a Busy Bone and after that, we acted like perfect puppies.

Last night, Mom went to cake decorating class so Dad took us to the park since it's easier for him to make us tired there. We had a good time, as always. Here are some good pictures of us.

Here are some dogs we were playing with. Mom and Dad say that it's easy to find us at the park because they just have to look for the white tails!

They have some tunnels at the park that are fun to run through, but pretty slippery! Here's Steve: And here's me:

Well, that's it for today. Hope all of you puppies are having a good week!

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