Got Husky?

Hi! Well, I'm having a good weekend so far. We went to our weekly training practice and the trainer said that we were doing good. (I think I'm doing better than Steve, but that's just my opinion.) Before training, Mom and Dad were hungry so they decided to drive through Chick-Fil-A. When they were at the window getting their food, the window lady said, "How many puppies do you have?" So Dad said, "Two." And guess what? She gave Dad two doggie biscuits for us! We must have been looking extra cute in the back seat. Chick-Fil-A is now our favorite restaurant. I hope we get to go there every week before training.

We went to the dog park this afternoon. There were two other huskies there. One looked kind of like Steve and the other one was white and red. We played with them a little bit, but we found these other dogs that were more our size to play with. Then we started playing ball with Dad. That was the first time we were interested in playing ball at the dog park, but it was really fun.

Here's the shirt we got Dad for Valentine's Day.

See what it says? "Got Husky?" He sure does! He has two!


PS. Steve is doing much better. He's back to normal today!

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