Even more presents and a Dad delivered!

On Friday, we got a package from Khyra!  We were so excited.  Mom says we're getting spoiled with all the presents our friends are sending us.

Khyra sent us some treats and a bumper sticker that says "The perfect child is a Siberian Husky".  Mom really likes the sticker and she hung it on the refrigerator.
This movie is really goofy.  Mom didn't open the treat container before videoing, so she was having a hard time opening it one handed.
Then another great thing happened on Friday.  American Airlines sent us a special delivery... DAD!!  We were really excited.  Mom took us to the airport with her to get Dad and as soon as he got in the car, Steve and I showered him with kisses.  We were so happy to see him.  In the middle of the night Friday night, I even went over on the bed and laid down on top of Dad and licked his face.  I missed him so much, so I am glad that he's here for Christmas.


Merry Christmas!!

More Presents!