Our new vet

I went to the vet today to be tested for giardia.  Mom took me to a vet that was recommended to her by one of her new coworkers.  Get this.  Her coworker's name is Steve and he has a husky.  My name is Steve and I am a husky.  That is really weird, right?  Anyway, Mom's coworker Steve takes his husky to a vet near our house, so Mom decided to try it out.  She looked at the website and the head vet went to vet school at the University of Missouri.  Since Mom grew up in Missouri, she figured that he was probably a good vet.  But today, when we got to the vet, guess where the vet I saw went to vet school.  Oklahoma State University!  That's where Mom went to college too, so at that point, she knew we were at a great place.  Mom really liked the vet that we talked to and he used to have an Alaskan Malamute, so he was even familiar with northern breeds.

Anyway, I was nice enough to leave the vet with some poop, so they are going to send it to the lab to be tested and we'll find out if I have giardia in a couple days.  The vet said it's very common in this area because there is typically a lot of standing water.


PS. We got a great present from a special friend in Louisiana, but we're having issues with video uploading tonight, so we will post about that as soon as the video is working.  But we want to say THANK WOO!!

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