Wyoming is Boring

I spent a lot of the trip riding in the back of the 4Runner, supervising the furry beasts. Luckily the furry monsters had to wear their seat belt harness things and I was free to roam about.I spent some time in the front seat, allowing Mom to pet me when I commanded her to do so. She made me wear a stupid harness so she could attach a leash to me when necessary and I wouldn't escape from the car. So to punish her for those actions, I made her pet me a lot. I also discovered that it's nice to sleep in the floor by her feet because warm air blows about down there.

Anyway, we were driving across Wyoming when I decided that it was taking far too long. There wasn't anything good to stare at and I was getting bored supervising the furry beasts and demanding to be pet. So I took matters into my own paws. I started driving the car. I think we were done with Wyoming within about 30 minutes after I started driving. So that was a success. After I drove, I went back to the floor and took a nap across Utah.Some times a cat has to take charge!

If this car ride takes any longer, I might go puppy crazy!

Greetings From Washington!