Safety Consultant Kat

Hi! A while ago, Stormy sent out a new message to the Army of Four troopers. Since I am a trooper, I quickly got to work. My job in the Army of Four is to be the Safety Consultant. A Sibe can never be too safe, so I try to make sure that I demonstrate correct safety procedures for the other troopers to follow.

We got some doggie seatbelt systems. It took a long time for them to get to us, but we finally got them last week and had a chance to try them out this weekend when we went to the dog park. Here we are showing what a proper safety harness looks like when it's on. (You might have trouble seeing it on me since I'm black and so is the safety harness, so I'll show you Steve as well.)Now, troopers, we have to be alert and in charge of our own safety. We can't rely on our humans to help us. In fact, this weekend, when Mom and Dad strapped us in the car, we got completely tangled up. How safe is that? Not very, I say! (Ladies, watch out. Steve's fluffy butt is filling this picture!)Mom and Dad used the excuse that they think we're missing a part of the seatbelt system and Mom is going to call the company tomorrow. So let this be a lesson to all troopers. If you want to be safe, don't rely on humans to help you. And everypup should practice safe riding practices when in the car.

Be safe out there troopers!

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