We're still here!

Hey pups! We are still alive, don't worry. Our parents got these new things called iPhones and they keep playing with them instead of letting us blog. I don't see what the big deal is. The iPhone just looks like a shiny piece of metal, but they seem to be completely mezmerized by it. Weird.

On Friday, we went over to Bailey's house while our parents played games with Bailey's parents. Bailey has a big backyard and we like to run around in it. After we were tired, Mom gave us each a bone to chew on. Steve and I devoured ours right away, but Bailey just went and hid hers under her dad's chair. Well, you know Steve, he smelled that bone right away and tried to steal it. They got in a fight and Bailey had to go in timeout. I felt bad for her. I mean, Steve was trying to steal her bone. What's a girl to do?

On Saturday, we went to the dog park. We saw Mom's friend Logan and her puppy Mikimoto. He's an American Eskimo dog. We didn't get to play with him because he was in the small dog area, but I sniffed him through the fence. Wow, he was fluffy and couldn't run very fast. Mom said it's because his legs are only a fraction as long as mine. Oh well, he was still pretty cute.

On Saturday afternoon, Mom left us at home with Dad. When she came home, she smelled like other huskies. I tried to give her the cold shoulder for cheating on me. She said she was helping at an Adopt a Husky event. Luckily she did not bring home another foster dog. Steve wants another foster, but I am not ready for one. Dad made Mom promise not to bring one home. (Speaking of foster dogs, Ulee has some new pictures of herself on Dogster. There is a link on our side bar.)

Sunday we were just lazy all day. Same yesterday. Dad is sick, so we have to be good. Like when we wrestle, we really try to wrestle on top of him when he's trying to sleep in the bed. I know he doesn't want to be left out just because he is sick. I've been worried that he's thirsty, so I've been rolling my face in my water bowl and then rubbing my face all over his face. That way he can have some water. Aren't I a good girl?

We got tagged by the Army of Four to do our theme songs and I'm still working on them, so stay tuned!!


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