We got in trouble

Something really bad happened this morning. Before Mom left for work, she had to go into the other bedroom, where we are not allowed. She wasn't paying attention, so Steve and I, being Mommy's little ducklings, loyally followed her into the room. So while Mom was getting stuff out of the desk, we went into the other corner of the room and started sniffing around. We thought we would do some smelligation to see what was so special about that room that it's off limits. ("Smelligation" means "smelling investigation" at the Steve and Kat Pet Detective Agency.) During our initial smelligation, we pushed on the table by the bed and all of the sudden, the table started wobbling and then the lamp came crashing down to the floor. And when I say crashing down, I mean literally, crashing down. What was once a one-piece lamp became a multiple piece lamp. Well, that really got Mom's attention. She turned around so fast, we thought she might get dizzy. Then a sound came out of her mouth that we had never heard before. She said, "WHAT DID YOU DO? BAD PUPPIES! GET OUT OF THIS ROOM!" So Steve and I ran out of the room and into the hallway. We stayed out in the hall for like an hour. (One hour in dog time is like one second of human time.) Then we thought that Mom was probably feeling better so we ran back into the off-limits room. Well, she wasn't feeling better, but she didn't make the horrible noises anymore. She just walked us out of the room again and made us go outside for a while. We peeked through the window and saw her putting the multiple piece lamp into a bag. It looked so cool as a multiple piece lamp, so we don't know why she was stuffing it into a bag. Apparently she doesn't like our redecorating.


My master plan ruined!

A Cool Million