How I Got My Name - By Kat

I have been told that Kat is a silly name for a husky or any dog. I don’t really understand that because it’s spelled with a “k” and not a “c”. Kat is short for my full name which is Katherine Olivia. My dad thought it would be a good idea to name me Kat but he was going to have it be short for Katrina. Mom didn’t like that though because she had a roommate in college named Katrina and they are still friends and Mom didn’t know if her friend would appreciate having a dog named after her. So Mom came up with Katherine. Mom and Dad both like airplanes, and Wilbur is named after Wilbur Wright of the Wright Brothers, inventors of the airplane. They happened to have a sister named Katherine, so Mom thought it would be good for Wilbur, the cat, to also have a sister named Katherine and then they could still call me Kat for short. My middle name is Olivia because it goes good with Oliver and that’s Steve’s middle name. (I’ll let Steve tell you why he has the middle name Oliver.)

Something else that’s funny about my name is that after Mom and Dad had picked out Katherine for me, my Mom found out that her grandma’s grandma was named Katherine. So she thought that was neat because she also has a great-grandfather named Wilbur. I don’t think she has any relatives named Steve though, so he’s the odd-ball. (In more ways that one!)

So that’s how I got my name.


How I Got My Name - By Steve

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