Shiver me Barkbox!

Shiver me Barkbox!

This month’s Barkbox was a pirate theme. Gus was especially excited about the pirate toys. My guess is this is because of his canine family included Maverick the Pirate.

The box included a pirate parrot. This is Gus’s favorite. I had the toys on the table because I hadn’t cut the tags off of them yet and Gus went out of his way to steal the parrot. The parrot now is missing a wing, thanks to some play sessions with Gus. 

There was also a secret message in a bottle. Kat has claimed this one. 


They also got a bandana. I think this will be Gus’s bandana since the black cloth would just disappear against Kat’s black fur.


The box included two different treats - Pawrates Bounty and Fish ‘n Chips.


Finally, they also got a liver chew. I think the chew will break, so Kat and Gus can share it. 


It seems like there were extra items in the box this month, but we aren’t complaining! 

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Two Years of Gus

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