Memorials to Steve

(I’ve posted some of these on Instagram, but I thought I’d share to our broader audience. )

I knew from friends who have had to say goodbye to their pups that there are a lot of options for memorial pieces. We decided to get a Soulburst after I saw pictures of one made for someone else’s pup. We selected red for the color since Steve always wore a red collar and red harness.


It really turned out beautifully. It has some of Steve’s ashes in it and we both really love the details in it. It has Steve’s name etched on the bottom as well. 

I also had a necklace made. It’s also red with some of Steve’s ashes. I really like it as well, though I should have taken a better picture. 


Finally, shortly after Steve passed away, my sister and my mom send this to us in the mail. I’ll admit that I shed some tears after opening it. 


It’s a stone with Steve’s picture on it. It is so pretty. 

Our house is full of family pictures and most of them have Steve in them, so we have lots of ways to remember him, but I thought I’d share these other things that we have in case they provide inspirations to others.

Shiver me Barkbox!

Shiver me Barkbox!

Healthy Gus

Healthy Gus