Birthday surprise trip

Birthday surprise trip

This weekend I went to Missouri to surprise Kasyn for her 7th birthday. I’ve been with her for all of her odd number birthdays, so I have to keep up the tradition! 

Before I surprised Kasyn, I surprised Lakyn with her own American Girl doll, Maryellen! I think she liked it. I also took her to the store to pick out some outfits for her doll. That was a challenge to keep an almost 3 year old on track. She was very distracted by all the options in the store.  


After our American Girl shopping spree, I went with Kari and Joe to Kasyn’s party at school. She was so surprised when I walked in the classroom! 


Kasyn whispered to me at school that she was getting her biggest birthday surprise later in the day and seemed disappointed when Kari confirmed that it was me! 

Lakyn took being in first grade very seriously!  


After school Kasyn opened her birthday present from David, Kat, Gus, and me. 


A diner for her American Girl dolls! 


After playing for a while, we went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. Kasyn said she didn’t want to ride the saddle for her birthday, but we didn’t believe her since the first thing she told the waitress was that it was her birthday! 


While I was visiting, Kasyn, Lakyn and I had a sleepover. We gave each other facials...


... and dressed like twins! 


It was a fun weekend, though I’m not going to lie, I was happy to return home to my quiet house and cute puppies! 

New landscaping

New landscaping

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