Birthday celebration

Birthday celebration

We started Kat’s birthday off with a lovely message from her cousins.

She loved it so much!


After watching the video, we went for a run. It was nice and cool, so Kat loved it. Even at 12, Kat is a better runner than her 2-year-old brother!

We spent the day hanging out at home while David worked on painting the kitchen. In the evening, we celebrated with cake and ice cream from Tail Waggins’ Dog Bakery. Kat and Gus had apple, bacon, and cheddar cake with some pumpkin spice ice cream to go with it.


Because David couldn’t decide what cake to get, they also got peanut butter and banana cupcakes. What a deal!


Kat and Gus were excited to dig into the cake and ice cream.


It must have been delicious!


Kat didn’t get any other presents because she has a very big present on the way that will be her birthday and Christmas present combined (and Gus’s Christmas and next birthday presents). Once it arrives, we will be sure to post about it! Don’t feel too bad for Kat though, she got to share some pizza crust last night, so she ended her birthday a happy girl!

Pups are so helpful

Pups are so helpful

Happy Birthday Kat!

Happy Birthday Kat!