Happy Steve

Last night, Steve was acting antsy, so I got his ball out to play. He loves his ball from CycleDog.  Steve normally plays with our blue CycleDog ball, but as you can hear on the video, Gus stole Steve’s blue ball, so we stole Gus’s green ball. Steve didn’t seem to mind.

Gus and Kat seemed like they felt left out, so David started playing with them. Gus hasn’t quite figured out that he’s supposed to drop the ball when he brings it back. In fact, I think his favorite part is us chasing him around trying to get the ball. 

We will have to play ball with the pups more. Steve likes to play in the front of the house, but we really don’t have any rugs there, so I worry about him slipping, but he seemed to do okay. I’ll just have to keep an eye on him. 

Gus’s favorite day of the month

It’s an early Christmas miracle!