Fun Family Valentines Outing

For Valentine's Day, we celebrated with a family (minus Wilbur) outing in downtown Austin.  Dad loaded us up and we met Mom at her office at the end of the day.  First we took a picture in front of the building where Mom works.

Then we went for a nice long walk along Town Lake.

Steve photobomb!

Check out the ducks!

Steve didn't even pay attention.  What a crazy boy.

We also discovered a fountain that people are allowed to play in.  Steve tried to keep the water out of his eyes.

After our walk, it was time for a romantic dinner.  We decided to go to a food trailer.  Dad ordered our food and we waited patiently by our table.

The meal was chicken.  It was yummy!

I'd say it was the perfect Valentine!


Friday Fast One

Friday Fast One