This is not the white Christmas of my dreams

We are at our grandma and grandpa's house in Missouri.  It's really cold here. Right now it's a perfect 17 degrees F.  There is also white stuff on the ground. At first Steve and I were really excited but then we discovered it's not the white stuff we like. It's really just ice with a bit of snow on top.

Here's a picture of the grass and a tree in our grandparents' yard.

This is some grass across the road from their house. Normally I love to run through tall grass but not like this!

My grandparents live on a farm, which is normally great because there is a lot of grass to play in, but when the grass is covered in ice, it's not so great. Steve and I don't like walking in the grass. It's very uncomfortable on our feety-feet. The driveway is very slippery, which Mom and Dad don't like.

So instead we have been walking down the road, which is not slippery and not covered in blades of ice grass. It's okay, but not as fun as when we get to put on our long leashes and just run all over Grandpa's grass runway.

At least it's cold.


Friday Fast One

We are still here!