She passed!

Last week Mom got the good news that she passed the Texas Bar Exam.  No thanks to all our hard work helping her study, I'm sure!  We were very happy for her and took her to Sonic to celebrate. 


Two vanilla dishes, please! 

Mom got a giant sundae, Dad got an Oreo blast, and we got our order, vanilla dishes!   Since the Sonic is only two miles from our house, we took our ice cream home.

Sonic is very generous with the ice cream in the vanilla dish. 


I was a little too excited for that picture! Luckily we calmed down while waiting for the OK.


We really enjoyed our celebration. The next day at work, some of Mom's coworkers asked her what she did to celebrate and she told them about going to Sonic. They thought she might be the only person to celebrate passing the bar at Sonic. I guess she's the only lucky one!



Brushy Creek

Happy Howloween!