Weekend Update

by Valerie Barker

Mom and Dad were in Missouri last weekend for a family reunion. Apparently they had a lot of fun, but we wouldn't know because we were not there. However, I heard that a lot of people asked about us so I think that means they missed us.

Anyway, Steve and I stayed at the kennel. When Dad loaded us up to go to the kennel, I jumped in first. The benefits of being the first in the car is that I get prime riding position and Steve just has to squeeze in.


At the reunion, Mom and Dad apparently spent lots of time with our cousin, Special K. I think I would like to spend a lot of time with Special K as well and this picture would be much better if I was sitting on Dad's other leg.


Special K is learning to eat food and gets it all over her arms, legs, and face. I happen to think that I would be very good at helping remedy that problem. She also apparently could give a great dane a run for its money on the length of drool that she can hang off her lip. Dad thought she was pretty talented with that.