Spring Break Vacation - Post #4

After our first day of adventures in NYC, we were experienced city dogs and decided to take in some more of the sights of the city. From our hotel on 46th Street, we walked all the way to the end of the island.

First up we saw the new World Trade Center One building under construction.


It looks like it will be a pretty cool building. Then we headed to Battery Park for a view of the Statue of Liberty.


We also saw the Wall Street Bull. Some people think bulls are scary, but I thought this one just looked like he wanted to play. I mean, he's totally in a play bow.


For lunch, Mom and Dad found a food truck food court.


It was perfect for us because Kat and I could wait in line and Mom and Dad didn't have to take turns. Dad and I went to a hamburger food truck and the food truck people offered me a bite of hamburger. How cool!

Here's a pic of Kat waiting in line with Mom. They got Asian dumplings and while their food truck people told Mom that Kat was pretty, she didn't get any food offers.


Next we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We were able to get some pretty good views of the city from the bridge but were amazed at how no one abided by the traffic rules painted on the bridge. Almost everyone walked in the bike lanes, and walked super slow. It made it hard for two fast-walking huskies and their humans to pass.


After the bridge, we started walking back towards our hotel. We stopped at an authentic New York pizza place so Dad could grab a slice. We got to try the crust, which was very tasty. I recommend it. (Please excuse the cheese hanging out of Dad's mouth. Mom didn't realize it was there until she looked at the picture on her computer.)


We arrived back at our hotel after walking 14.3 miles. This is what we did next.


Whew! What a day. Mom and Dad were amazed at how dirty our paws and legs got in the city. I guess that's why people wear shoes.


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