Christmas Report

Happy New Year! We are kind of behind in blogging, but still wanted to share about our Christmas. We went to Missouri. When we are there, we stay in our grandparents' garage, so that is where we had Christmas morning.

Santa was pretty good to us this year. He left us all of these presents! Mom had us wear our Christmas collars all day. Last week, she saw a picture of Bo Obama in People magazine wearing the same Christmas collar as I was wearing, so I guess I must look pretty presidential if Bo was copying me.


Kat was really excited to get a snowball, even though there wasn't any snow in Missouri. Santa must have brought it all the way from the North Pole!


Kat also got a soccer ball.


I got a bag of rawhide squares. Delicious!


Then I got shoes. Yes, shoes. I was not happy.


Mom thought they were so cute in the box.


I didn't think they were so cute on me.


Dad got some cologne and some airplane stuff for when he starts taking flying lessons.



Mom got an umbrella, some muffin pans, and new mirrors for her scooter.




All in all, it was a good Christmas. We must have been really good because Santa brought us a lot. After we opened our presents, Mom and Dad took us for a run and that was also a great present. I hope Santa brought you all everything you wanted!


PS. Wilbur got a mouse and some treats, but Mom doesn't have pictures because he got to open his presents in the house when Mom and Dad opened presents with our grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousin, and she forgot to take a picture.

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