We're back home!

Kat and I have been living with Dad since the first of August becuase Mom has been traveling for job interviews. And when we say she has been traveling, we really mean it. She took three trips to Dallas, one to Austin, two trips to Chicago, and one to Kansas City. She said it was exhausting, but it was worth it because she got a job for next summer and is very excited about it.

Anyway, Kat and I are now back with Mom. We like living with Dad and Wilbur, but when we are with Mom, we don't have to be in our kennel as much so that is good. What is also good is that Mom brought us a surprise from her last trip to Dallas.

Any guesses what might be in this box?

Kat sniffed the box.

Then she tried to taste it.

I kept my distance because I wasn't sure I could contain myself if I got too close because it smelled delicious.

Here's what was inside.

We were so excited. Kat barely sat still for a picture.

I sat perfectly still for my picture. Mom only had to take one picture of me to get a good one. I won't tell you how many pictures she had to take of Kat for a good one.

Mom let us eat our treats for bedtime treats, however, she was sorry she made that choice because I made a mess and so she had to wash the bedding the next day. Lesson learned!


PS. Stay tuned for Friday when I will post an embarrassing blooper picture of Kat.

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