I think they missed us

We just got back from spending five days at our boarding place. It was a good visit. We survived and all the people who worked there said we were the most people-like dogs they had ever seen. The only bad thing was that we had to take a bath before we went home and they put bandannas on us. I just don't like wearing bandannas because they restrict my movement too much.

Anyway, Mom and Dad went to Chicago because Mom had interviews for internships for next summer. Lots of employers from across the country come to Chicago to interview law students so Mom had a couple busy days. Dad was there on vacation and to provide moral support.

When we got home, Mom and Dad presented us with presents. Kat got a mini beach volleyball. Mom thought she would like it because a couple weeks ago when we were on a walk, Kat tried to play with a volleyball that she found in a yard. A full-size volleyball is kind of big for Kat, so this mini one is perfect. Kat has already deflated it and Mom needs to find a pump to air it back up.


I got an airplane stuffie. Mom and Dad spent a day in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the World's Biggest Airshow and Fly-in. Mom said there were a lot of booths that sold dog earmuffs for flying with your pet and even an oxygen system for a dog if the humans fly at an altitude that requires oxygen. Luckily Mom never flies that high because I probably would not like to wear an oxygen system.


I love stuffies and this airplane one is no exception. It's red, which is my signature color and it makes a great pillow, which is always handy.


I'm super glad to be back home. No kennel can be as good as all of the cushy ammenities I have at home. I even let Mom hug me without me growling, just so she knows I am happy to see her.


Treats from the Momster

Why can't we stop at the vet?