Research Assignment: Yorktown

After we visited Jamestown, we went to Yorktown, site of the last major battle of the Revolutionary War. Kat and I were pretty tired from Jamestown and it was pretty hot, so we just did a driving tour around the Yorktown battlefield.

After our driving tour, we went to the old city of Yorktown. Our first stop was this monument marking the significance of the battle. (I would only pose if I could be in the shade.)


We found a cannon there too.


There is a few streets in Yorktown with original homes from the 1700s. This church, Grace Church, was built in 1697. It has suffered damage throughout the years from fire and also the Civil War, but has been repaired and is still an active church. We thought it was neat how the tree was growing over the fence.


We walked along the water in Yorktown and found this ship with a pirate flag. We took a picture to show our buddy Cap'n Maverick in case he wants to build a ship like this one.


We passed an ice cream shop but Mom and Dad didn't get us a cone, so that was disappointing. Otherwise Yorktown was pretty interesting!



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