Research Assignment: UVA

This summer, Mom is working at the law school as a researcher. Steve and I decided we would also work as researchers, but instead of researching the law, we would research things about our local area and blog about it. We live in a very historical area, so there should be lots of things to research. Now all of our readers can become smarter as we take you on tours of historical places!

For our first assignment, we decided to start close to home with the University of Virginia. Here we, your tour guides, are on the UVA lawn, the center of Thomas Jefferson's academical village. That is the Rotunda in the background. It looks like the university is replacing some grass in the middle of the lawn over the summer and that is why there is a stripe of dirt. The lawn is famous to humans because Thomas Jefferson designed it. It is famous to dogs because it is full of squirrels that are so tame they don't run away when faced with two Siberian Huskies.

Next we stopped at The Range, which was the original housing for students at the University. Students still live there today. We are posing in front of the very room that Edgar Allen Poe lived in when he was a student at UVA. It was getting kind of dark, so it's hard to see into the room. (Plus Mom can't back away from us since we have her on leash. This is a pretty horrible pic.)

This is the UVA Chapel. We don't really know what is significant about it, but it is a cool looking building and Mom gave us a treat to pose in front of it.

Our final stop on our tour of UVA is Scott Stadium. This is where the Cavalier football team plays. We are Big 12 football fans ourselves, and we understand that UVA isn't very good at football. However, they are doing really good right now at baseball and are headed to the College World Series.

Thank you for touring UVA with us! We're glad you came along because normally Mom doesn't let us walk through the center of campus because there are too many squirrels and we have a hard time controlling ourselves!



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