Moo Tubes Need Walks Too

Sometimes Mom gives us moo tubes for a treat. I love them and can eat them in a flash. Kat doesn't really like them and just licks them and holds them but doesn't really ever eat them. So sometimes, Kat will have her moo tube and Mom will say, "Who wants to go outside?" Of course, Kat does, so she will jump up and leave her moo tube. That is my window, so I leap in and save the moo tube from abandonment and take it. Then I'm left with a problem. I want the moo tube and I want to go outside. What's a boy to do?

Mom says I'm a dork, but I think she's wrong. I just like to let the moo tube get some sunshine before it goes on a dark journey to my tummy.


Row, row, row your boat

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