Property Law for Dogs

This semester in canine law school, we are taking a class in property law. One thing we have learned is the concept of adverse possession. In an adverse possession claim, a pup might become the true owner of property if that pup possesses the property continuously, the possession is open and notorious and should have put the real true owner on notice, and the possession lasts for a period of time. As you may or may not know, I am the true owner of both Mom and Dad. So I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I saw this.


Steve is obviously making a claim to be an adverse possessor of Dad and become his true owner! Look how he has his paw on Dad’s shoulder, clearly showing that Dad is his property.

Well, naturally, I had to put a stop to Steve’s adverse possession claim to Dad. I quickly ousted Steve and made a new claim to Dad. I think I did a much better job of declaring my ownership of him.

I am going to have to really watch out now that I know Steve is trying to get a person of his own. It’s not like I can share either Mom or Dad!


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