Hiking Browns Gap

We went hiking in Shenandoah National Park a while back. We hiked a 6.5-mile loop called the Browns Gap Loop.  


It was a very scenic hike. We hiked past a couple pretty waterfalls.



We also crossed a small bridge over a stream.  Kat really wanted to jump into the stream to cool off, but Mom talked her out of it because Mom didn't feel like jumping in as well.


Later, Kat got her chance to get into the stream when we had to cross another stream that didn't have a bridge.  Kat just plunged into the water, no problem, but Mom was very slow to cross and tried not to get wet.


I barked and barked at them and tried to get Kat to pull Mom into the water, but she didn't.  I managed to get Dad to get a little wet when we crossed, but not too wet.  I'm a good dog like that.


Mom and Dad took some granola bars for their snack and Kat and I took some treats in our backpacks so we could have a snack too.  We hung out with Dad and ate some snacks about halfway through the hike.


The worst part of the hike was when we got back to the car and Mom decided it would be a good idea to brush us.  Luckily, she focused most of her brushing on Kat.  You should have seen all the fur-mbleweeds we left in the parking lot! I forgot to take a picture of that.


Happy Birthday Wilbur!

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