We have a new family member! Our new cousin, Special K. She arrived yesterday and isn't she so cute? We think she needs a little more fur, but we didn't have as much fur when we were first born, so she might get some more. (Luckily her mom already has a Dyson!)

We can't wait to meet Special K when we are in Missouri for Christmas. We gave her a husky of her own so she won't be afraid of us when we see her for the first time. As you can see, Special K's husky is already being the perfect buddy, making sure she is safe and sound.

Welcome to the family, Special K! We can't wait to teach you how to woo and all of the other fun stuff we do.

Your cousins,

Steve (I can teach you how to howl and I know your mom will appreciate it), Kat (Now the family has two Ks that are special), and Wilbur (I like to catnap on my dad's chest, so you should try it with your dad)

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