Our Birthday Adventure

To celebrate turning five, we took Mom and Dad on a big adventure to our nation's capital - Washington, D.C.!

It was a really fun adventure. We saw a lot of stuff and walked over nine miles.

Our first stop was the Lincoln Memorial.


Of all the places we visited, besides the sidewalk in front of the White House, the Lincoln Memorial was the most crowded.


Dogs are not allowed inside the memorial, so Mom and Dad took turns going inside. Dad took this picture while he was inside. Can you see us?


Dad was really bummed because the reflecting pools are under renovation and looked like a mud pit.


After the Lincoln Memorial, we headed towards the Washington Monument. On the way we saw this police horse. I really wanted to say hi, but Mom didn't think that would be appropriate, so I just watched the police horse intently.


Also on the way to the Washington Monument, we stopped at Constitution Gardens. Mom thought it made for a good place to take a picture with the Washington Monument, but Steve thought it was good for something else.


Eventually he cooperated ... kind of.


After this picture was taken, while Mom was trying to stand up and not paying attention, I jumped into the water. Not like Steve, but completely. Mom and Dad were not impressed.


We finally made it to the Washington Monument, which is closed because of the earthquake in August. We still were able to take a picture and I met a girl who thought I was in the movie Eight Below.


Next we went to the White House. I really thought Bo Obama would invite us in for a playdate since we were celebrating our birthday and all, but there was some event going on, so we didn't see him. He was probably busy entertaining the human guests, otherwise, I'm sure Bo would have invited us to do some squirrel chasing on the South Lawn.


After the White House, we went to the Supreme Court building. It was pretty deserted. Dad said that probably the only people who take pictures there are lawyers, law students, and law dogs. I guess we are in the third category.


After the Supreme Court, we went to the Capitol building. We took pictures on both sides of the building. It must be a popular place to take wedding pictures because we saw four different bride and groom pairs there taking pictures. One person in one of the wedding parties came over to pet us, so he probably took some fur to the wedding with him.



After that, we began the long walk back to the car. Right before we reached the car, we made our last stop at the Jefferson Memorial. Again, we were not allowed inside, so we took our picture from outside.


After that, we were really happy to get back to the car and take a nap on the way home. It was a great adventure though and we saw a lot of stuff. Dad told Mom that we have probably seen more in our five years than a lot of people get to see in their lives. I guess we are lucky dogs to live with our Mom and Dad.

Thanks for sharing our birthday adventure!


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