Summer Road Trip - Day 4

Here we are, Day 4 of our Summer Road Trip contest. Our winner for yesterday was Huffle Mawson, for being the first to correctly guess that we were in Mitchell, South Dakota. The building behind us in one of the pictures is the World's Largest Corn Palace. It had some really neat murals made only out of corn. Who knew corn was so artistic! We were sitting on the bench in another picture with a guy who had a sign next to him that said "Do Not Touch". Luckily it didn't say "Do Not Lick" because Kat got a couple licks in before Mom caught her. The person in the pictures with us is our Aunt Kari. She is super stylish and cute, so we had to up our game so we were still cuter than her. :-)

Now that we have revealed our location for yesterday, let's check the map! Does anyone have a guess as to our final destination yet?
map day 3

For today's secret location, we are going to give out a couple pictures and supplement the pictures with this clue:
In this picture, we are standing in the largest remaining tallgrass prairie in a certain state, where less than 1 percent of the original prairie remains.

We're not in this picture, probably for obvious reasons.

Good luck! The answer and the next clue will be posted tomorrow at 6PM Pacific Time.

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