I'm a super helpful canine!

Wow, Mom has been super busy with school.  Pretty much all she does is go to school, read books, and walk us.  Steve and I do our best to be helpful.  For example, on Tuesday, Mom got up around 6AM to let us out and then after we came back inside, she sat on the bed to finish some of her reading.  Then she fell asleep.  Luckily, Steve knows how to tell time because he woke her up at 7:45AM because she was 45 minutes late for breakfast.  She had a morning class, so he saved the day!

I like to help Mom with her reading.  Just the other day I decided to help and it was caught (badly) on camera by Mom holding her iPhone in the air. 

Just look at my helpfulness!  I used my paw to point out the exact part of the page that Mom should focus on and then I gave her some kisses for being such a good student!

Caught on camera while Mom was trying to get a picture of me was Steve being super un-helpful.

In other news, I have discovered this:

I have never had holes in my floor before that shoot out cold air.  It is just wonderful!


PS. We are very sorry for our limited commenting on your blogs.  As I said, Mom is having a hard time keeping up with all of the new stuff she has to do for school, but we will do our best to keep up with you!

Also, we have sent out all the gift certificates for our contest except to Team Husky, Edda and Mango.  Please send us your email. 


Friday Fast One

What's wrong with this picture?