Woolympics Event #2

It's time for the second event of the SKW Woolympics. Before we get to the event, let's give out the awards from the Sitting Pretty competition. Wilbur won the gold by a pretty big margin, even though a lot of the dogs who voted were biased against cats. It was really close for the silver, with Kat winning by one vote. Steve took home the bronze.Now for the next event. This time, the Woolympics event is Laser Chasing. We apologize for the blurriness of parts of the video. The camera was focusing on the laser dot instead of on the competitor.

Please place your vote for the best in the poll on our sidebar. The athlete with the most votes will get the gold, second most will get the silver, and then the other will get the bronze. (Pretty obvious.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look what I have to put up with