Whew! I survived.

Meow, Wilbur here.  Wow, I've just survived a very stressful three weeks.  The furry beasts and I swapped places.  They stayed with Dad and I stayed with Mom.  Mom had finals in law school, and boy, I did so much studying!  It was crazy.  I was sort of disadvantaged because I haven't been in law school since I have been with Dad, but I buckled down and put in day after day of nonstop studying and now I'm quite the expert in Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Contracts, and Torts.  I am trying to use my knowledge to figure out how to incarcerate the furry beasts and get them out of my fur for good, but I haven't come up with anything substantial yet.  Maybe I should abandon the criminal law side and try to go after them for breach of contract or assault and battery or something.  Either way, I'm going to be dangerous with all of this legal knowledge in my cute little brain.

With all the studying, I wasn't able to post on the blog, but now I'm going to catch up with some great action shots from my weeks of studying.

When you're in law school, at the end of the semester, you take everything you learned in each class and distill it down to an outline.  Here I am working very hard on one of mine.

To review everything in each subject, you might read your case book, or you might read a "hornbook" which is just a book that explains everything in plain language.  I decided to put in a little time with a hornbook.

 It's also important to have a study group, so Mom and I formed our own.

Sometimes you also have to work on thinking through some "hypos" (hypothetical situations where you try to figure out the legal consequences of the story).  I put some pencil to paper and worked on a few.

Finally, you can't take a four hour final exam without getting some good shut-eye, so I made sure I was well-rested for Mom's finals.

As you can see, law school finals are extremely difficult and since each test is 100% of the grade in that class, they are also pretty stressful.  Luckily I made it through without losing any fur.  And since I already have grey fur, you can't tell if I got any additional grey fur from the experience.



We're back!

Dad was a birthday boy