Eating Contest

Last weekend, Mom took me to the Go Dog Go festival in Kirkland, Washington. Kat stayed home with Dad, so it was pretty exciting to go somewhere, just Mom and me.

There were dogs doing cool tricks with Frisbees. I don't play with Frisbees, but I did sit for a photo in front of the field where the Disc Dogs were doing their tricks.
There were lots of booths set up and several people gave me treats, which I always appreciate. Mom and I entered a raffle to win some cool gift baskets, but we didn't win. (I'm okay with that because a lot of the prizes were from grooming places.)

There were several contests going on throughout the day. Mom entered me in the Clean Your Plate contest. The goal was to be the first pup to finish an entire serving of canned food. Mom wasn't paying attention when she entered me and then when the contest started, she realized I had been put in the 55+ pound weight class, even though I'm just 50 pounds. Mom was disappointed that she didn't get me in the correct category because there were only 3 dogs in the category I should have been in, but about 15 dogs in the 55+ category and some were huge! I was glad I was in the 55+ category because that meant the serving was bigger. I mean, look at these plates!
I didn't win the contest, but I did clean my plate. Mom didn't get any pictures of me eating because she was too busy making sure I just ate my food and didn't bother any other dogs who were trying to eat their food. Here's a picture of me in front of the contest stage. Don't I look full?
On our way out of the festival, we stopped at a booth that had a big pool with balls in it. The goal was for pups to bob for a ball and then you could take the ball home with you. I just stood in the pool, but the people let Mom bob for the ball and we gave it to Kat when we got home. She loves her new ball and was happy we didn't forget about her on our adventure.

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