Painting with paws

Mom decided to paint the hallway, stairs, and entryway. It sounded like a good deal to us. We like it when Mom does things to make our house nicer. She has to do stuff like that to earn her keep.

The first thing she did was put blue plastic all over the floor. Steve helped by holding down the blue plastic in the corner.
Then Dad got the giant ladder out and set it up for Mom on the stairs. Wilbur helped by doing a stability check. He climbed to the top of the ladder to make sure it wouldn't fall down.
I helped by supervising. I find that Mom works better if I watch her.
Steve and I even tag-teamed our helping.
After a while, Mom moved the ladder and blocked us out of the painting zone. Steve felt very dejected that he wasn't allowed to help anymore.
We don't have any pictures of the complete painting job. Mom hasn't quite finished the stairs and the trim yet because she ran out of paint. Finishing the job is on her list of things to do over the long weekend.

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