Furry 5k

We went to the Furry 5K on Sunday. It was pretty fun. We had a hard time finding a parking spot, so Steve and I were all wound up by the time we got out of the car, as visible in this video.

The Furry 5K is in a park along Lake Washington. Apparently dogs aren't supposed to get in the lake at the park so this police officer had to tell everyone, "Your dog can get a drink but it can't set one paw into the lake." So we took our picture instead. Mom felt bad for the officer because she had to pretty much tell a constant stream of people to keep their dog out of the lake.
There were tons of dogs and humans at the Furry 5K. Mom took this video at the starting line.

I was pretty pooped on the way home!
I can't wait for the Furry 5K next year!

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