Cookie Update

Filed by Katherine Olivia, reporter

After my last reporting of the events on March 26, new developments have been brought to the fore-front on the case of the stolen Happy Hearts Cookies. An eye-witness, Miss Tia, has come forward with an account of the events occurring in Georgia on March 26.

Miss Tia was spending her afternoon lounging in the upstairs window of her bedroom. (Occasionally she takes a break from her new bed.) Miss Tia describes a scene where Sitka and Cornelia Marie pranced to the FedEx box, tore it open, ate half of the cookies, and then wooed to the FedEx guy to tape the box back up. At this point, the FedEx truck departed.
(Artist's Interpretation of Miss Tia's account)

Obviously Sitka and Cornelia Marie have no remorse for their crimes, as demonstrated by their "prancing" and "wooing". Even more disturbing is the rest of Miss Tia's testimony. "I think they put some sort of trace on ALL mail MayaMarie and her mom send out. I have seen this happen on several occasions where they go out, play in the truck, and come back in smelling of cookies."

These matters are under further investigation. Stay tuned to this news station for further details as the story develops.

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