We are participating in the Iditawalk this year.  It's where we walk 30 minutes per day until we have walked 1049 minutes, one minute for every mile of the Iditarod.  We have been featured a couple times on the Team Sibermal blog.  Check out the link in our sidebar.

Steve doesn't like his Gentle Leader, so Mom bought him an Easy Walk Harness.  He wore it for the first time today.  He looked like a total goof ball.  I tried to pretend that I didn't know him and Mom was giggling so much, she could barely talk, as you can hear in this video.

Later on during the walk, Dad stopped to adjust Steve's harness and I took a roll in the grass.  Mom says I was messing with my Gentle Leader, but honestly, I was just taking a break and most definitely not trying to take off my GL.
Happy Monday!


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