Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Christmas. Somehow Mom managed not to get a good one of Steve, so I didn’t crop him out of the picture of Dad and me.

Here’s our Christmas “tree”. We don’t have room for a tree in our house, plus Mom is afraid we might break some ornaments because Wilbur broke some of the ones from when Mom was a baby back when Wilbur was an only cat and so Mom thinks with two dogs added, it would be disaster for the ornaments. So we just decorate the fireplace. It works out better because Santa doesn’t have to go as far when he comes down the chimney.
The computer is out because we Skyped with our Missouri grandparents and Aunt Kari and Uncle Joe for opening presents.

Mom thought this was a good picture of Dad and me when she looked at it in the camera, but upon closer inspection, I look mad and Dad looks out of it.
Mom put some jingle bells on Wilbur, which he didn’t appreciate. I think she would have left them on longer except that Steve and I got really interested in him with his bells, so in the interest of safety, Mom took them off.
And that’s all the pictures that we have. Mom was a real slacker this year in the picture department. Steve and I got new collars from Santa and also a Wholesome Hide in our stockings. Wilbur got some salmon snacks and greenies from Santa. We also got some treats from our Texas grandparents, some toys from our Missouri grandparents and a picture frame from Aunt Kari and Uncle Joe that has our names carved in it (Wilbur’s name too). Mom and Dad got stuff but it’s not important.

We hope Santa made all your dreams come true!

Katherine Olivia, Expert Tiler

Merry Christmas!