My pirate booty

A while back, I joined Maverick the Pirate's Sneaky Kitty Squadron, SKS for short. I'm Boatswain Wilbur of the Good Ship Seattle. For Halloween, Cap'n Maverick asked all SKS members to collect some pirate booty and post about it. My humans didn't take me trick or treating like the did with the furry beasts, so I just decided I would steal all the treats that the furry beasts collected.

While the humans and furry beasts were out on a walk, I went down to the living room to drag the furry beasts' treat bags upstairs. That's when I hit a snag. The boy furry beast's toy frog, Peter, jumped out of the toy box and threatened to stop me from taking the treats. I had to think fast, so I took some shoestrings and tied Peter up. That wasn't good enough though because he started ribbiting at the top of his lungs and I thought some one might hear, so I took a paper towel and gagged him. Then I picked him up and took him upstairs to my lair.
Then I went back downstairs and gathered up the treat bags. I made Peter watch while I sat in my tent, surrounded by my booty.
I haven't released Peter yet. He's sort of fun to pounce on. Also you never know when a hostage might come in handy.


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