A friendly wager

During the first college football game of this season, Kat and Mom's Oklahoma State University Cowboys were playing Sitka and Cornelia Marie's University of Georgia Bulldogs. After studying the legality of sports betting, we determined that dogs are allowed to bet on sporting events, so we made a wager with Sitka and Cornelia Marie that if the Cowboys won, they would buy us an order of Happy Hearts and if the Bulldogs won, we would buy an order for them.

During the first part of the game, things were not looking that great for the Cowboys. Kat was pretty depressed. At half-time, Kat barked a lot at the TV and apparently the Cowboys received the message because they came out strong in the second half and won the game. Kat was so excited for her team and I was so excited for some Happy Hearts!

Our cookies arrived recently and boy, was I glad!
We ordered some of the new summer flavors. Watermelon and ginger. I have to say I give them both a big paws up.

Mom tried to get some good pictures of me eating, but you can see how well that worked.
She did get a good picture of Kat eating one of the squirrels.
I should also mention that with this order, I have become an official Happy Hearts taste tester. I am really excited to be able to be recognized in an official capacity for my favorite hobby -- eating!
So I have to give a big thanks to Sitka and Cornelia Marie for the cookies, Happy Hearts for the cookies too, the Cowboys for winning the game, and to Kat for being a fan of the Cowboys. It is handy to have a sister who's a fan of a good football team. Dad and I are in for a depressing season, I'm afraid.

We're Three!

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