We're Three!

Today is our third birthday! We're pretty excited. Tonight Mom is going to let us have our birthday Happy Hearts cookies and Dad is going to pick us each up McDonalds ice cream cones on his way home from work. Mom says we even have some presents!

Speaking of presents, the first birthday present we received was from two of our bestest buds, Phantom and Thunder. They sent us this really cute card, which is one of Jack's mom's cards. It's pretty perfect for us as the puppy on the front looks sort of like Kat!
Phantom and Thunder also sent us a gift certificate for Happy Hearts cookies! Isn't that just the most perfect present? As you can see in this picture, Steve has laid claim to the gift certificate. If paw placement is any indication, Steve will be eating all of the cookies and Kat will be lucky to get a small portion. (We hope the Happy Hearts team will accept a wrinkly gift certificate. We were supposed to sit and keep our paws off of it, but Steve couldn't help himself.)
Thanks so much Phantom and Thunder! (Kat says especially you, Thunder.) We are really honored that you thought of us on our birthday. Hey Thunder, how's life being three? Any tips?

Steve and Kat

PS. Happy Birthday to our Missouri grandpa too! Isn't it cool that we share a birthday with our grandpa?

Our birthday cookies

A friendly wager