Cookies and New Blog Feature

Hey pups! Kat here. I have a big announcement. I have a new blog series for 2009. It's called "Kat's Crazy Kitchen". Mom was going to call it "Kat's Krazy Kitchen" but Dad told her that was a bad idea for some reason. (He didn't like "Khat's Khrazy Khitchen" either, Khyra.) I'm not sure how regularly I will post new cooking recipes, but I promise it will be at least once per month. As a sneak peek, I'm going to reveal the first project. This weekend, we will be making good, old-fashioned Canine Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum!

Speaking of treats, cookies, and baking, we don't want anypup to think that we have completely started eating Mom's treats. Oh, no, we are still forever fans of Happy Hearts Cookies. In fact, we have something new to share about the powers of the Happy Hearts Cookie. I'm sure you pups have heard the old adage:

A Happy Hearts Cookie a Day,
Keeps the Ole Vet at Bay!

We had heard that but we thought that was just some old mom's tale (especially the part about just one cookier per day). Well, apparently there IS something to it! You see, Steve and I each get two small Happy Hearts and one big Happy Heart in our Kong every day. Yesterday, when we went to the vet for our checkup, the vet told Mom and Dad (and I quote), "Steve and Kat look great. I wouldn't change a thing!" So obviously it's the Happy Hearts! So for all you pups who's parents complain about spending too much money at the vet, just get some Happy Hearts cookies. They are like vitamins! Steve has also done some experimental tests and has determined that the correct dosage of Happy Hearts is 1-1000 cookies per day, depending on how good you are and how good your parents are.

Well, that's it, pups. I hope you all are having a great week!
PS. I've added an area on the sidebar where I will keep links to all of my recipes. That way, when you're in the mood for cookies, you know where to send your Mom (or Dad).

The 4Cs - Canine Chocolate Chip Cookies

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