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Huffle tagged us to play photo tag. We're supposed to post the fifth picture from the fifth folder. We used Mom's flickr account and this is what we found.
This is our Aunt Kari. That's Wilbur on her shoulder. This picture was taken in April 2005, just a couple weeks after Mom found Wilbur at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. Wilbur had taken his first plane ride to fly with Mom to Missouri to help Aunt Kari plan our wedding. Our Missouri grandparents don't like animals in the house, so Mom had to promise that Wilbur would stay in the basement. Wilbur worked his magic though and before you know it, he was running all over the house. He made several trips to Missouri after that and even stayed there for two weeks while Mom was on a business trip (that's in the pre-Dad days when Mom didn't want to leave Wilbur home alone). Can you believe that our Missouri grandparents, who don't like animals in the house, actually drove to Texas to pick Wilbur up and take him home with them? Obviously Wilbur's cute face did it.

Too bad he grew up!
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