Awards and other news

I have been pretty lax about blogging this week. There is a lot to catch up on.

First, we have received some awards. Khyra gave us this one:Obviously she thinks we have a 5-star blog and we think the same about her!

The OP Pack, Tibby, and Kelsey gave us this award.This award is the Bloggy Friends award. Our favorite things about blogging are the friends we have made, so we really appreciate this award.

Also, King Sky Boy inducted me into his Royal Siberian Court. I am now a knight! How cool is that? My official title is Sir Steve of the Washington Woos. I am really excited.

And finally, I thought I'd end with this picture. Ozzie likes to talk about how the lap of his 1973 male is really great, I am fond of the feet of my 1980 male.Happy Friday!

Walking with Steve and Kat

The 4Cs - Canine Chocolate Chip Cookies